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Mechanical Editing

"Mechanical" editing includes line-by-line edits, and some light proofreading, to polish your written text. After the major issues are corrected, I focus on the other issues to improve the quality of your written work. Note: Editing happens before proofreading and includes reviewing the content, structure, and style of the text.


Technical writing makes complicated information more accessible in the form of reports, product descriptions or instruction manuals. Please reach out with your writing request to determine if it is something I can assist you with. Note: Writing project availability is limited.


Proofreading is the final step in the writing process. This work  involves checking your writing for errors such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and other inconsistencies. Proofreading happens after the text has been written and edited. NoteThe goal of this step is to catch last minute mistakes.


Medicine & Science - Documents for medical and scientific products or research, reports for clinical trials, and other research papers.

Software & Technology - Customer support documents, user manuals, cybersecurity documentation, and other technology products.

Business & Finance - Contracts, internal or external proposals, industry reports, and other financial documents.

Education - Training manuals, study guides, resources, workbooks, and textbooks.

Marketing - White papers, brochures, and case studies.

Book Editing - Non-fiction, e-books, textbooks, manuscripts, and essays.

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