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Guidelines For Guest Bloggers

Guest blogging is very popular. It is a great way to build a portfolio and to gain credibility as a blogger. Due to the increased outreach this site has received, writing guidelines have been developed to help you determine if being a guest writer on this site is a good fit.


Here are some basic guidelines for guests:

  • Please do not submit unsolicited written works. Use the contact form to send your idea first, and if approved, you will be directed to this site to review the guidelines before submitting your article.

  • There is no guarantee that articles submitted by guest bloggers will be featured on the website. Quality is important. Your article may be declined, or edited after submission and/or sent back for revision. (You will have the opportunity to review if edits have been made to your article.)

  • Guest bloggers may only submit their own original work that has not been previously published on any other website, forum, chat, or social media network.

  • Guest blogs may not be republished elsewhere. Articles may be removed if the content is found elsewhere.

  • Guest bloggers may promote the article wherever they like once it is published. (Including a link to the blog post is encouraged when promoting.) Note: There is no guarantee that will promote articles by guest bloggers on any other platforms, yet reserves the right to do so.

  • Articles centered on self-promotion will not be accepted, however, you may include one link to your website in the body of your article if it is relevant to the article. (Note: You will be allowed to include links to social and website in your bio. [see below]) Link-building schemes are frowned upon on this website and will not be allowed.

  • By submitting an article, you pledge you are the author and the work does not include plagiarism.

  • Topics accepted for this site include:

    • Technology (Programming, AI/ML, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Surveillance, Cloud, Privacy, Automation, Sustainable Technology, FinTech, and other technology related topics such as law and policy.)

    • Personal Finance, Investing, and Retirement

    • Business and Management

    • Social Media, Online Gaming, and Internet

    • College, Education, and Learning

  • Paid guest blogger articles are not accepted. No affiliate articles or payment will accepted from guest bloggers on this site.

  • Please review the articles and content on this blog site to familiarize yourself with the type and tone of writing to model.

  • Guest posts should be somewhere between 800 - 2,000 words.

  • The audience is in the U.S. so please use American spelling, language, and grammar.

  • Use appropriate headings, bullet lists, and overall readable format in order to enhance the site visitor experience.

  • All submission must include a blogger bio. Please make the bio no more than 3 sentences. You may include links to your website and social media. (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc) A photo headshot is not required but, can be include.

  • Please be sure to cite any sources appropriately.

  • Accuracy and authority are important. Please use facts, data, and expert sources to support your writing.

  • Please link and cite any quotations, photos, artwork, infographics, and other digital works created by others.

  • Paragraphs should be roughly 3 - 5 sentences.

  • Check for spelling and any other areas before submitting. Guest blogs should be ready to publish when submitted. No extensive editing will be performed. The article will go through editing once received but, it is anticipated that little to no revision will be required.

Still interested?

Please use the "Contact" form to submit your idea. There is no guarantee you will receive a response. If your idea is of interest, you will receive a reply with further instructions on how to submit your article.

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