Using GIS to Track and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

A literature review researching the uses of geographic information systems to address chronic illness.

Addressing the Nutritional Needs of the Elderly Population

Research paper outlining the prevalence and causes of hunger and malnutrition in the U.S. elderly population.

Change Management Case Study

A case study of a conflict resolution and management campaign during a large-scale corporate layoff.

ArcGIS map of Population Growth in Northern Virginia

A simple map created using ArcGIS showing the population growth in the DC Metro Region of Northern Virginia counties from 2012-2017

Privacy & Encryption: The current state of information security

PowerPoint presentation highlighting new and emerging advances in privacy and encryption featuring Google, China, and more.

Parrot Fever: Animal to Human Disease Transmission

Microbiology paper presenting Chlamydia Psittaci also known as Parrot Fever prevalence, transmission, treatment, and prevention.

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