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A Second Shut Down is Coming: People Refuse to Wear Masks, Socially Distance, and Listen to Science.

Went to the grocery store today. Saw about 25 other shoppers. Not a single one wearing a mask. Remember when you were in school, and when one kid would do something out of line, which led to the whole class getting in trouble and having to suffer the repercussions of one? That's what this pandemic feels like.

People who don't wear masks, don't social distance, don't stay home, and continue to carry about as normal, are the reason we will have to shut down again a second time now that restrictions are being lifted.

The masks, social distance, and staying home if you can, are not part of things being lifted. Still do those things.

Seriously, flocking to the bar to sit in a small area, shoulder to shoulder and drink with others? How ridiculous is that picture from Wisconsin of the family owned bar (and their young child was at work with them, behind the bar too!)

It's highly contagious. It's airborne. There was nothing socially distanced about those people in the picture. There was even a nurse at the bar!

See for yourself in this Newsweek coverage:

Wisconsin's New Coronavirus Cases Rise as People Flock to Reopened Bars After Court Overturns Stay-at-Home Order

Then there's the barber in Maryland who defied the order to shut down --s/he has just tested + for #covid19. Was it worth the risk? T yourself and to others? Now, everyone who got a haircut in Maryland has to call their doctor or get tested. They cannot release the barbers name or salon name for health record privacy reasons. So now ALL people of the state of Maryland now have to contact-trace back to see if they came in contact with anyone else who came in contact with this fool.

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