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Healthcare workers are being sent on suicide missions in the "War on Coronavirus"​...

...unless their Governor can do the president a favor though.

What's the favor you ask? A Vox article by Aaron Rupar clarifies:

Donald Trump said he’s willing to help blue-state governors who are struggling to contain coronavirus outbreaks — but only if they’re willing to stop criticizing him in exchange.

Nurses/doctors/emt/police are on the frontline of this "war". If we are going to call it a war, as our Commander in Chief has many times, then is this the equivalent of sending troops to war without guns, ammunition, helmets, or vests?

First responders and healthcare workers are being sent on [suicide] missions to treat #covid19 patients. They are being forced to treat their sick patients without any gowns, gloves, masks, supplies, etc., and many are losing their jobs for speaking up about it; or worse, losing their lives for going to work.

Yet, we have a national stockpile. (Learn more here about the Strategic National Stockpile.)

We have money. We have professionals. We have manufacturing capability.

We would never put boots on the ground empty handed, and tell them good luck as they head out to the battlefield.

We can have thousands of troops carrying high-grade weapons, wearing protective vests, driving armored vehicles, and dropping bombs on any soil on earth in less than a week.

I love military folks, they are some of the coolest people I know, and I support veterans. I worked at the VA HQ in DC. I loved it there. I also support (EMT/Police/Fire/Medical) who are fighting a very different type of war just the same. If we are going to call it a war, then let's throw as much money and resources as with defense. Because right now we are on the defense.

Let's support these front line people right now, the same way we would our military.

It saddens me to see military members showing disrespect to the situation -- to healthcare workers, scientists, doctors, nurses, and more. If you are in the military, you - of all people - should be supportive of these front line health workers (including grocery, gas station, food, and pharmacy workers), many of whom, are veterans and active duty themselves! The hatred I keep seeing online around this virus is disgusting.

People will remember who did what, and who said what during this pandemic.

I chatted with a friend the other day. He is in the Marine Corps (Camp Lejeune area), and he said he thinks it's "stupid that people are wearing gloves and masks at the grocery store" and that it's not "as bad as everyone is making it seem". My response:

That's horrible. Real people are dying. This isn't f*cking Call of Duty.

Why isn't this administration protecting our interests, like they do in all other wars?

'Interests' here being humans, which is perhaps the problem right there; nothing for them to gain. To that I say.....

Dear Washington,

Pretend it's the years 1947-1991 -- You created a 30+ nation alliance (NATO) to help fight. The coronavirus is the Soviet Union/Eastern Bloc, and the citizens of America represent your ideological and geopolitical struggle for global dominance. You fought long and hard for those. Do the same now for healthcare workers. #coldwar

Pretend the year is 1991 -- You formed a coalition (UNSCR 678) of 30+ countries to help you fight. The coronavirus is the middle east, and the citizens of America represent the oil fields. You fought long and hard for those. Do the same now for healthcare workers. #desertstorm

Pretend it's the year 2001. You created a whole new department (Homeland Security) to help fight. The coronavirus is the Taliban & al-Qaeda, and the citizens of America represent the World Trade center, flights 77/11/175/93 (and defense contractors/oil [yet again].) You fought long and hard for those. Do the same now for healthcare workers. #enduringfreedom #freedomsentinel

Let's get after it...

If the Administration will not get organized to fight this "war", then Congress should enact powers to take over the process. If Congress doesn't/can't, then the states should form their own coalitions (with other states), and get organized. The states need to stop waiting on the president to do anything. We've lost too much time. They should not be surprised at the administrations' response effort, and really should have know better than to depend on him.

It's time to bypass 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. We need to take an alternate route.

There would be fewer bidding wars for supplies, if the states collaborated and pooled their money together to place one order (or fewer orders). They can solve one of their biggest problems which is supply and demand. Instead of competing, they should be collaborating.

We also need corporations with gazillions of dollars to STEP THE F*CK UP. If you can manufacture ANY of the items needed, what are you waiting for? Just do it. Start making them. You don't need permission, or for the white house to tell you to do it.

Just use your moral compass and start banging out supplies. Period. You will be remembered and repaid for doing so.

Clearly the president is out of his league. And that's okay. It happens. Like the book The Peter Principal, he has risen to his level of incompetency. Everyone reaches their level eventually. Right now, we need someone who has not yet reached theirs. We need collaboration. We need consistency. We need decisiveness. We need competency. We need communication.

We don't need tv ratings. We don't need major corporate bailouts. We don't need interpersonal conflict. We don't need politics. We don't need churches to be open. We don't need re-election polls.

The states need to collaborate to get things done now.

The administration has made it clear that they are playing favorites. Right now, states like Florida, with a republican governor, are getting supplies they don't even need yet. The president is holding grudges and withholding supplies to "blue" states out of spite.

Unfortunately......unless the state is "red", has oil, money to contribute to politicians, hold defense contracts, or is a 2nd/3rd world country we can invade....then the administration really doesn't care. Are you surprised?

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