My Top 10 Favorite Home Electronic Devices.

Like most people, I have electronic devices in my home that I use every day. Smartphones, kitchen equipment, music and television devices, etc. In this article I am sharing my personal favorites. I would absolutely 100% buy these again. I have been very happy with my purchases of these products.

These items are in no special order, except for this first one. It's my favorite thing in the house. It's a game-changer!

1. From day one, this dehumidifier changed my life. I know, sounds dramatic, but it's true. Living in the south is hot and humid. For a year-round allergy sufferer who is allergic to literally everything the doctors test for, it's a nightmare. There are days where it is hard to be outside. This Frigidaire dehumidifier started working within one hour of plugging it in. It was a very noticeable difference in air quality immediately. So far, there's nothing I don't like about it.

I like it so much, that I bought a second one for upstairs.

2. Speaking of allergy season. This years' pollen has been rough, and so I also bought this HATHASPACE True HEPA air purifier, and just like the dehumidifier above, I noticed a difference in air quality immediately. It's the bees knees. I run it in the bedroom at night. It has a quiet mode and a dark mode so the LED lights don't brighten the room. I hate when electronics have bright lights and no way to shut them off. This purifier works fast too. I didn't realize how bad the air quality in my house was until I got these two machines.

3. I live at the beach, which means I am outside a lot, and there is ample sunshine throughout the year. When I go to the beach, I like to spend a few hours at least, if not the whole day. And of course, my phone inevitably dies. So, I got one of these solar powered banks to charge my phone while at the beach soaking up the sun. The buyer reviews on this product were mixed but, I am happy with it so far. No problems to report and it has held a charge for me.

4. Speaking of the beach and being outside! I take a lot of pictures and video and I LOVE this GoPro HERO9. It took some getting used to. The first time I used it, I forgot it was on. I don't do any type of activity that requires a helmet but, I do have the chest harness for it though and I really like that. At times, this is just easier to use than a camera. The footage quality is awesome, and I can bring it to the beach and not have to worry about it getting wet!

5. Okay, my kids got me this for Christmas and I use it all the time. Like, every day. I use it after going to the gym, when I have a headache, on my lower back when my arthritis kicks up, and for TMJ pain. It is so powerful. I didn't expect it to be so effective. I assumed the more you pay for one of these, the better it is but, nope! This one does a great job. Don't let the cheaper price fool you into thinking it isn't good quality. I love it and would definitely buy this one again. There's just no need to spend $300+ for one of these.

6. I'm a huge watch person. I love watches. Solar watches specifically. Citizen Eco-Drive is one of my absolute favorites. But I also workout a lot and like to track things, so I got an Apple Watch. My favorite color is green so I had to have this one! I prefer regular old analog watches but, have been enjoying this one too. I don't think I will buy any more. If something happens to the one I have, I might replace it, but I see no reason to have more than one digital watch at a time. That said, I absolutely cannot workout without this watch on my wrist!

7. Twin mom, dog mom, and plant mom. That's me in a nutshell. I have more plants than I do windows, so I have to supplement the sunlight because I am not getting rid of any plants. I've been using this grow light lamp for a few years now. I love it. It's flexible, clamps right on to any shelf or rack unit, and it has adjustable dimming settings. It also has a timer. My plants thrive with this lamp. It's pretty lightweight but the clamp is hardcore so you won't have to worry about it falling off. That has yet to happen to me, and I have moved this lamp around dozens of times.

8. These Bose noise cancelling headphones are almost too good. I can't hear anything when I have them on. It's like I've been transported to another world. I like that they are wireless, and I use them periodically while working from home. I have yet to bring them to the gym or anywhere else but, now that I think of it, maybe I will bring them with me next time!

9. and 10. Last but not least...lawn care equipment! Oh my goodness. I love gardening and doing yard work. I have a few Ryobi pieces and I like them all but, these two are my favorite. The trimmer and mower get used the most. I was worried they would not be as good as gas powered equipment but, they do the job just fine. I haven't encountered anything these two can't handle. I have a pretty large yard with a ton of trees, shrubs, and other types of vegetation and growth. It is a lot of maintenance. I feel like every week I am out there doing something. The mower is great for small lawns. I had to buy a backup battery because

the battery does not last for my entire yard. Again, it's a pretty big lot. I love that it folds up to save storage space and the clippings bag is removable. It can be used with or without it. It also has a self-propel feature which is awesome for me because my yard is on a hill and it's hard to push in that section. Also, I have arthritis in my back so it helps with that too.

Well, that's it. My favorite home electronic items. Hope you enjoyed.

Thanks for reading!

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