Summer Wardrobe Assessment: What's in your closet?

Is it just me, or did winter seem to last a long time this year? Now that it's getting hot enough to go to the beach where I live, it's time to pack away the sweaters and bust out the summer gear. Except, wait...where's my swimsuit?

Oh, there it is. The one I bought 3 years ago, pre-covid, that no longer fits and is stretched out everywhere along the trim and fading all over.

First of all, let me state that I love fall and winter. I love the weather, the clothes, sweaters, and being snuggled up. I do enjoy living the beach, but not the heat. Yet here I am. I'm in the south on the coast, where it gets very hot.

My warm weather wardrobe is pretty basic. I prefer to keep it minimal with some good quality staple pieces. After all, I'm just going to be sweating in them so I might as well keep it simple. While taking inventory of my summer-ready wardrobe, it was clear I needed a swimsuit.

I was checking out swim pieces from Sanctuary (which is where I get a lot of my sweaters.) They have suits made from sustainable and recycled material so you know I love that.

I haven't decided on one yet but, I'm between the "V-Wire Bandeau Bikini Top Lion" and the "Banded High Leg High Rise Bikini" in Black/Silver. Which ones do you like?

I will post an update once I decide.

I did order something though...

They have a cute bucket hat that I couldn't resist! I have one straw bucket hat and two wide brim hats for the beach. I'm going to do a blog post showing all the hats I'm wearing this summer. Got to protect the hair, scalp, and face!

The only other thing I needed for summer was sandals. I have plenty of sneakers, slides, and slip-ons but, only three pairs of sandals. Two black and one brown. I have been wanting navy blue and white ones for a while but I wanted to wait until it got hot.

I have a pair of matte black sandals, a black gladiator sandal, and a brown gladiator sandal. I need a few more pairs to get me through a summer at the beach!

Here's what I found. What do you think?

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My summer capsule wardrobe is pretty solid. I just need these few items to make it complete. Which pairs do you like? I am looking for one white and one navy. Help me decide!

Thanks for reading :)

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