Sarah has conquered every challenge and hardship set before her with courage and determination. She exhibits a strong sense of humility and perceptiveness, which makes her a prime candidate for leadership roles. Additionally, Sarah's dedication to ongoing self-education, and her open-minded nature, reinforces those strong leadership traits. With a high level of integrity and ethical judgment, she is duly prepared to guide others toward improvement and growth. It is without reservation that I recommend Sarah for positions in leadership, and elsewhere, for she is sure to make an impact and serve as an intellectual asset

Chris C./ Project Management Professional, ArcGIS & AutoCAD

Sarah Mancinho was a graduate student of mine at Northeastern University's College of Professional Studies. The program she is in focuses on organizational communications and the course she took with me centered on communication networks and managing information. It included two complex Harvard Business School case studies in addition to numerous papers and discussions on a wide variety of related topics. Sarah's performance in the course -- both in her written reports and in discussions -- was outstanding. She is an excellent writer, well-spoken, a consummate team player and was very supportive of her classmates. And very importantly, she has a great sense of humor and was a delight to have as a student. I also had the opportunity to learn about her current role in an organization that serves as a fund manager to a select group of clients, and I was impressed with the work she is doing. She will do well in whatever career she chooses to enter.

Sean Gresh / Professor, Executive Speechwriter, Candidate for Mayor of Baltimore

Sarah was one of my lab partners in Microbiology class at NVCC, and we instantly became friends because I found her to be intelligent, goal-oriented, reliable, and sincere. Sarah and I were one of the few people who received an "A" in both lecture and lab, as it was a fast-paced course which required us to internalize over 100 types of viral and bacterial infections. Her presentation on SARS really impressed our professor as well as the class. I have known Sarah for over five years now, and her creativeness, effective communication skills, both written and verbal, along with her persistent hunger for learning motivate me to keep reaching for higher standards. Sarah would make an excellent addition to any team, and I believe that she can also stand strong as a leader.

Carla Orzal / Inside Sales Specialist

If I had to make a list of the best managers and mentors I’ve had in my various work environments- there have been many- Sarah would land at the top. She is by far one of the most motivated and dedicated managers I have had the pleasure of working for. Not only is she knowledgeable and passionate about the jobs she performs, but she also cares about those she supervises to a level which is increasingly uncommon in modern working environments. When I did not know the correct procedures, she showed me so I would learn. When I had doubts about my capabilities, she reassured me so I could grow. When I needed advice, she was unbiased and honest with her appraisal of the situation. Anyone can say they will be a good leader, but only real leaders act upon that claim and demonstrate their dedication to their role on a daily basis. Sarah did not need to come to the grassroots level to lend a hand where she could, she did not need to come in to work every Sunday (where other managers did not), and she did not need to spend her time monitoring which equipment was used most so we could better serve our guests- but she did. Because of these experiences I’ve had with her, I have no doubts that Sarah will excel in any position that is lucky enough to have her. In summary, if I ever was in the market for someone whom I knew could do a difficult job correctly, who would genuinely care about the work they are doing, and the people they are working with- Sarah is the woman I would choose.

Jordan Taylor / Student

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