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Feel free to reach out with all budget levels and other opportunities so we can figure out a way to work together collaboratively!


How to contact me: office@sarahmancinho[dot]com

Hello Reader!


I'm Sarah, thank you for visiting my page.


I am a mom, consultant, writer, and investor who loves to learn.


I started this website in 2015, after years of jumping from blogging platform to blogging platform. Ever since my first blog in 2003, I've enjoyed sharing knowledge, providing resources, and voicing my opinions.

I also publish an email newsletter and produce a podcast called "Tech Revolution" on Substack. (see below to subscribe)

I have over 320,000+ followers on LinkedIn, and over 70,000+ subscribers to my newsletter, “Emerging Technology”. In 2016, named me in their annual “Top 10 Voices” list as one of the “must-know writers in technology”.


  • Associate of Science in Social Sciences (NoVA Community College)

  • Certificate in Health Sciences (NoVA Community College)

  • Bachelor of Science in Human Services (Old Dominion University)

    • Minor in Community Health

  • Master of Science in Corporate & Organizational Communication (Northeastern University)


My professional work spans several fields including but not limited to:

  • Trust Fund Associate

  • Golf Course General Manager

  • IT Strategic Communications Specialist


These days, I work as an IT Contractor/Consultant helping organizations expand and grow, mitigate risk, identify gaps, find efficiencies, and improve processes. Outside of work, you can find me hanging out with my kids, cuddling w/ the dog, gardening, working out, reading, watching movies, golfing, cooking, or napping.

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