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Rates vary depending on scope of work, usage, exclusivity, etc., but please feel free to reach out with all budget levels and other opportunities so we can figure out a way to work together collaboratively!


How to contact me:

Hello there! Thank you for visiting my page.


I'm a multi-passionate mom, writer, content creator, and investor.


My focus in life is to:


  • Always be learning.

  • Invest in myself.

  • Eat healthy.

  • Be a conscious consumer.

  • Stay active.

  • Share knowledge.

  • Inspire others.

I am available for:

  • Sponsored blogs and/or social media posts.

  • Featured Mentions in articles and/or posts.

  • Ambassadorships

  • Photo shoots

  • Video shoots

  • Other projects

Partners I've worked with:
  • Education (Promo Links)

  • Banking & Finance (Promo Links)

  • Book Authors (Editor)

  • Amazon Associate (Affiliate)

Media and mentions:

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